At RAD-INFO, we train on every aspect of the sales position from Prospecting to Time Management to Account Management.  Topics like Discovery, Follow up, Day in the Life, Motivation and so much more are available to lift up your sales professionals. Call our office at (813) 963-5884 today to schedule a training for your sales team!
   One key to our success is that we have product knowledge, experience selling these services and experience on the Buyer's side. This 360 degree approach is why our trained sales professionals garner more success in the field.
Performance Review
     Are you evaluating your employees?
Are you giving them constructive feedback?
Do they goals and metrics to reach those goals?

RAD-INFO can coach you on the entire
Employee Performance Review Process.

Contact Maggie today at (813) 963-5884 to discuss your company's Employee Performance Review process.


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